Learn More About the Avid Boarder’s Warehouse

Initially founded as a small-time venue for family and friends who needed skateboards, the Avid Boarder’s Warehouse quickly became increasingly popular in the ranks of those who practiced board sports. Consequently, the shop increased its range of available products and it begun to also import rollerblades, skates and mountainboards.

The main idea behind the shop is to offer people a place where they can find the ideal product for their various activities. The owners of the shop are skateboarders themselves and are well aware of all the aspects that characterize such products and the interesting and exciting nature of riding them.

Freeriders and those who like to spend life at the edge of the unconventional will be more than happy to know that Avid Boarder’s Warehouse also provides special, freeride skateboards, aimed at those who really take their game up to the next level.

Those who seek serenity and peacefulness in the mountains and also wish to be able to let the adrenaline rush hit their bodies can find their perfect solution in the wide range of skateboards for off-trail conditions, the mountainboards.

Last but not least, the Avid Boarder’s Warehouse also offers a substantial range of ice skates and rollerblades, for those who prefer a more dynamic approach in their riding. In the following pages, more emphasis will be maintained on the descriptions of the different board and skate types, for allowing both novices and professionals alike to become familiarized with the different characteristics and intended use of each piece of gear.

Those who are interested in learning more about the actual range of products offered at Avid Boarder’s Warehouse and their different purposes, are invited to browse the following pages of the website, where more detailed information will be provided, together with advice and guidelines for using the different boards or skates.

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