Range of Boards and Their Properties

The Avid Boarder’s Warehouse offers a wide range of boards, each with different intended uses and inherent characteristics. This page will cover some of the most common board types commercialized, their usage guidelines as well as important characteristics that might or might not recommend them to a particular activity.

  • Skateboards: by far one of the most common choice for all those who are just entering the world of board riding, the skateboard has been with us for quite some time now and ever since its inception it hasn’t been altered significantly. The main board has still remained produced out of wood, with certain fiberglass lamination in some cases and the wheels, which most of the time rest on ball-bearings are now being constantly modernized by the addition of new polymers and plastic compounds;
  • Mountainboards: specifically designed for those who seek more extreme thrills and who wish to rid off-trail, the mountainboards were developed in recent years as a response to the increasing demand of migrating skateboards into harsher environments and trails, such as the ones people might find in the mountains. Often featuring a longer board, made out of hardened materials or strengthened wood, the mountainboards are designed to cope with more stress and wear and to this end they also feature enlarged wheels, coupled with suspension systems, depending on the model and the intended use;
  • Hoverboards: a recent addition in the world of wheeled-boards, this type of boards features only two wheels, which are positioned laterally on the board, therefore offering the rider the possibility to drive such a device forward and backwards, in the direction of walking. Equipped with a drive train and electric engine, hoverboards will most likely be more expensive and far more fragile in terms of usage, therefore all those who purchase this type of board are advised to use them only on moderate terrain.

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