Selecting the Right Board for You

As stated in the other pages of the website, determining the right board for a particular individual can be a tricky process, especially if those seeking for a board aren’t yet fully familiarized with the different characteristics that each board type features and the specific usage guidelines that need to be overseen for each one.

This page will offer some guidelines to follow when one wishes to determine the right type of board to choose when starting out skateboarding or mountainboarding.

  • Analyzing the environment where the riding will take place is the first step in determining the type of board one requires. Will it be an urban environment, such as the streets? A more specialized area, such as the skateboard parks, or just mountain trails and paths? All these questions are aimed at narrowing down the choice for the different types of boards. In the first scenario, a freeride skateboard will do just fine, for the skateboard park, a classic board is the more apt choice and of course, the mountainous area will require a more solid, mountainboard;
  • Assessing the physical capabilities of the individual is another thing to have in mind when choosing a type of board. Since all people are different, that means that they can all withstand different amounts of effort and consequently each person is more suited to a specific type of activity. This is also the case with skateboarding, freeride skateboarding or mountainboarding, as each different discipline will require more physical effort, with moderate to medium for classic skateboarding and up to strenuous or even extreme for mountainbording;
  • Determining a preferred price range is one of the decisional factors when choosing a board type, as the prices can vary greatly, from a type of board to another and from each model to the other. Setting out an available budget is a good way to narrow down the choices even more.

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