Skateboards for Freeriders

For those who skateboards represent a way of expressing their feelings and even a way of obtaining unseen thrills, the development of freeride as a discipline in itself marked a considerable milestone in the evolution of skateboarding. The ability to ride freely, without sticking to any rules and to perform various tricks and schemes, greatly increased the diversity of skateboarding and made it far more spectacular than it already was. This page will offer a short overview of the skateboards that are specifically designed for freeriders, their characteristics and numerous advantages.

Since freeriding involves considerable effort from the rider and puts more strain and mechanical stress in all the components of a skateboard, the ones that are purposefully designed for freeriding are built with far more resistant materials and often-times feature a more robust overall structure.

Usually also made out of wood, the actual boards used in freeride skateboards might also feature various reinforcements, made out of various materials, such as fiberglass or carbon fiber, in order to provide structural rigidity and at the same time also offer a certain degree of flexibility, which is much needed when performing numerous tricks.

The wheels of freeride skateboards are made out of durable polymers, and most of the time are provided in an interchangeable assembly, this way offering riders the possibility to customize their skateboard to the conditions available. For instance, a street environment would call for a far more denser polymer in the wheels, for increased durability and abrasion resistance.

On the other hand, those who find themselves performing freeride skateboarding in skateboard parks will most likely use a more soft material in the wheels, often-times rubberized, in order to provide maximized grip. While this manages to offer increased performance, it does cut down considerably on the durability factor for the wheels.

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