Skates and Rollerblades for Agility

Those who like dancing and running and wish to be more physically engaged in their riding can surely go for skates or rollerblades, as these choices will in turn require the riders to be more fit and attentive in the different moves and actions involved. This page will provide users with an overview of the capabilities that skates and rollerblades have to offer in terms of riding performance, required effort, usage environment and of course, the fun involved.

  • Skates: having as their usage medium the ice, skates are therefore destined at those who feel comfortable at spending a considerable amount of time on such a slippery surface, where balance and equilibrium are essential for a good practice. Since the running surface, represented by the ice is quite hard slippery, ice skates needed to have a construction that could implement a way of easily maintaining balance and at the same time offer movement and the possibility to accelerate. The blade of the ice skate comes in different lengths, thicknesses and densities. Carbon-steel is usually the preferred material and the outer finish involves a protective layer. Maintaining balance on ice skates might seem like a difficult task at first, but the secret lies in continually moving and keeping the center of mass of the body slightly leaned forward;
  • Rollerblades: very much like the ice skates, the rollerblades are basically an ice skate version that features wheels instead of the metal blade, therefore offering the possibility to ride them on any paved surface. Having usually 4 wheels on each shoe, rollerblades are suited for using on more adherent surfaces since the wheel configuration lacks grip on slippery surfaces. The actual wheels are made out of a hard inner casing, which contains the ball-bearing and onto which the interchangeable rubber or silicone material rests.

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