Snowboards and Splitboards for All

In addition to the skateboards, mountainboards and skates or rollerblades that the The Avid Boarder’s Warehouse has to offer, customers can also find numerous models of snowboards and splitboards, which can be used successfully in the winter season, allowing all those who find themselves lacking places to ride a skateboard, the chance to remain active in the cold season. This page provides an overview about snowboards and the innovative splitboards, which are a groundbreaking innovation in terms of efficiency.

  • Snowboards: their construction basically resembles the structure of a classic skateboard, which is considerably enlarged and it lacks the wheels and suspension system. With a foot-clamp or boot system, the board is being attached to the rider through either a torsion clamp or by using belt tightening. With a great variety of boards in terms of thickness, width, length or even materials used, choosing a snowboard can be a challenging task. The rule of thumb usually dictates that a snowboard should reach the shoulder height of the rider, when rested vertically beside that person. One important aspect that people need to have in mind when purchasing a new snowboard is the actual edge of the board, as its shape can drastically impact on the overall performance of different riders. If the edge isn’t properly processed and it features an uneven profile, this can lead to instability and loss of precision when performing turns or switchbacks;
  • Splitboards: having the ability to offer riders a bit from both worlds, splitboards are great in terms of transportation capabilities and conversion efficiency. Be it that they’re used as snowboards or as individual ski’s, the splitboards have the advantage that they can be adapted almost any situation that the rider might encounter while spending time in the mountains. Offering easy transportation through collapsibility and easy conversion from skis to an actual snowboard, the splitboards are a great asset to have when heading in the mountains in the winter time.

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